Welcome to Rowdah Centre (Meadowvale Musalla)


Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah 'azza wa jall, our masjid doors are reopening!

As you may have heard, places of worship have been given the green light by the Premier to reopen starting this Friday, June 12th. We will Insha'Allah be holding Jummah prayers, along with regular 5 times daily prayers following that. Of course, there are still several restrictions in place, and requirements which must be adhered to, including:

Each person MUST bring the following:

- Each person must be registered prior to enter in the masjid
Jummah 1 registration
Jummah 2 registration
Jummah 3 registration
- Each person MUST bring the following:
   1. face mask
   2. prayer mat
- Attendance will be limited according to provincial guideline of 30% capacity
- Children under 15 years will not be permitted
- Elders over 65 years are encouraged to stay home
- Wudhu must be completed prior to coming to masjid
- Social distancing (2m distance) must be adhered to at all times, including during prayers (spaces will be marked)
- Everyone must place their shoes on the shelf outside the doors

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we navigate through these unique circumstances. We will Insha'Allah share more information in the coming days on the logistics for Jummah & daily prayers.

We look forward to seeing you at the masjid Insha'Allah!

Click here to read re-opening guidelines.

Jazak'Allah Khair

Rowdah Centre was established as a place of worship for the Meadowvale Muslims community and as a learning center for people of all faiths to foster a better understanding of the Islamic religion. In order to serve the growing needs of the Meadowvale community. Meadowvale musallah host communal prayers for the 5 daily prayers including Jummah, it also features a part-time Quran/Arabic School and weekly programs. The musallah exists to bring the community together, and we welcome all of our neighbors to come visit us.

Rowdah Centre provides Meadowvale Muslim community with the following services:

  • Prayers and Practice of Islam
  • Islamic Education
  • Youth Activities
  • Social Service Activities
  • Welfare Support and Helping the needy