Welcome to Rowdah Centre (Meadowvale Musalla)



As Salaamu Alaykum
In accordance to Public Health Guidelines as of Monday November 23, 2020, Rowdah Centre will be strictly enforcing a maximum 10 person capacity for every Salah.
Registration is required for Jummah only. There will be absolutely no exceptions and volunteers will be checking if you have registered.

To register use the following link:

1. At 7:30PM on Thursdays, you will be able to register for Jummah by scrolling down to the "events section" and selecting the Jamat you wish to attend. Once the limit is reached, registration will be closed.

2. If you registered, you will recieve an email at the email you registered with. Please make sure to keep that email. If you can not make it for your registered jamat, please click on the link in the email and cancel your registration.

Please follow all current safety guidelines. Bring your own prayer mat, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing of 6ft.

NOTE: Though we have scheduled jamat times for the 5 daily prayers, jamat will begin as soon as there are 10 people. If you arrive and the door is locked do not bang on the door. Please wait outside and as soon as the jamat is finished and everyone have left you may enter and pray.

Jazak'Allah Khair

Rowdah Centre was established as a place of worship for the Meadowvale Muslims community and as a learning center for people of all faiths to foster a better understanding of the Islamic religion. In order to serve the growing needs of the Meadowvale community. Meadowvale musallah host communal prayers for the 5 daily prayers including Jummah, it also features a part-time Quran/Arabic School and weekly programs. The musallah exists to bring the community together, and we welcome all of our neighbors to come visit us.

Rowdah Centre provides Meadowvale Muslim community with the following services:

  • Prayers and Practice of Islam
  • Islamic Education
  • Youth Activities
  • Social Service Activities
  • Welfare Support and Helping the needy